Heusinkveld TCR Heat Series Finale

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Asschert to win his first race
Kubinji new champion

The final round of the Heusinkveld TCR Heat series took place last Friday at the Silverstone Circuit. And honestly, what kind of finale has that been?

One couldn’t have imagined more drama. Even the calculations of who ultimately became the champion had to be checked precisely several times because of the small gap, and only after the race could it be said with certainty:

Patrick Kubinji wins the first season of the Heusinkveld TCR Heat Series by a margin of 0.04 points over Jason Cooper.

Series Winner Kubinji
Pic. 1 – Series Champion Patrick Kubinji

Yes, exactly: four hundredths decide the championship. Madness!

But first things first: With the up to date championship leader Ross Balfour missing out the final round it’s been clear the fight for the title was between Cooper and Kubinji, with Fraser Smith perfectly sitting in 3rd place, waiting for the underdog move of the evening.

If after winning the only heat of the day it might looked like an easy match for Jason Cooper, as Patrick only finished fourth, Jason was quickly grounded back to reality in the opening phase of the feature race. He got a little bump on the right back of his car just heading into the Arena, resulting in a spin with poorly guardrail contact making him dead last.

BUT and that has been the good sign out of Jasons point of view, also Patrick was involved into an incident heading five (!) wide into Abbey, which dropped him down the order as well.

five wide into abbey
Pic. 2 – Five wide into Abbey

Nevertheless, both could continue their race to the championship. If the race would have finished exactly now, the series champion would be Fraser Smith sitting in P2 for the moment. But we still had 9 and a half laps to go into a 10 laps finale.

In the following laps it’s been an up and down with Cooper and Kubinji both alternating as the championship winners while progressing through the field.

Cooper did the best he could finishing the final feature race of the season in P4 with his hands bound to a poorly damaged car, lacking several pace.

Meanwhile Kubinji needed that pass on Smith for P2, which he eventually managed to do just on the penultimate lap making him this seasons champion.

Pic. 3 – The championship winning battle for Kubinji against Smith

One guy though just drove an superb race. All at the front Martijn Asschert cruised his way to his first ever win of this series, winning by 3 seconds over our new champion.

All in all we had 4 different race winners out of six races, naming Ross Balfour (3x), Marcel Tie (1x), Allessandro Bacchilega (1x) and Martijn Asschert (1x).

Funfact: Both Kubinji and Cooper didn’t win a single feature race, still the championship decision was made between the both of them.

Pic. 4 – Race winner Martijn Asschert

At this point we would like to congratulate the winners of this season and thank our main sponsor Heusinkveld, who only made this series possible.

Also a big shout out to RaceSpot TV for their absolutely outstanding broadcasts. As always, you’re doing the best possible job out there.

Out of personal interest: We are heading into a second season. Keep an eye on the website, as we are releasing more and more information on the 2020/2021 season throughout the next few days.

If you want to race, get in touch via our Discord server.

Max, for SimRacing eSport Union.

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