TCR Heat Series | Rules and Regulations

TCR Heat Season 2020/2021

§0 General

The TCR Heat series is a fun racing series. It is aimed at both experienced simracers and iRacing newbies. Nevertheless, in order to offer the best possible experience to all participants, we do require a basic understanding of simracing standards. Through its rating systems, iRacing offers the possibility to check this in advance, therefore we do enable Minimum Ratings for this series.
Keep in mind: Everything that is not actually allowed by rules, is forbidden.

§1 Promoter

The TCR Heat Series will be hosted by SimRacing eSport Union. Therefore the SRSU General Sporting Regulations come into operation. SRSU will host servers, set Race Control and implement a Sporting Director according to the General Sporting Regulations.

§2 Conditions of participation

To participate in the series you need to completely fill out the registration formular found here. Please notice that only completely sent in forms will be processed.

At any time your account needs to be above the minimum ratings as per §2.1.
You need to pay the nominal fee as per §2.2 at least two weeks prior to the first event in full height.

§2.1 Minimum Ratings

As mentioned in §0 General this series requires minimum ratings. For the upcoming season those will be set as follows:

Safety Rating: D 4.0
iRating: 2000

Note that those Ratings will be set as hard limits. If you drop below those ratings you will not be able to participate in the upcoming event. In this case there is no refund of the nominal fee.

§2.2 Nominal Fee

The nominal fee will be set to 20 $ for the whole season. You need to send your nominal fee to the following paypal account with the information “TCR Heat Series” and your name:

§3 Organization

§3.1 Cars

As of now, the only car being raceable is the Audi TCR.  The amount of cars may be increased as more TCR cars are added to the iRacing lineup.

§3.1.2 Skins

Please make sure to send your skins completely to:

§3.2 Classes

We will use classes based on the driving skill compared to the last season and the drivers personal iRating.

The PRO category is set with an iRating equal and above 4000
The AM category is set with an iRating below 4000

§3.3 Format

§3.3.1 Raceday

The events will be held on Fridays, starting 18.00 GMT.

§3.3.2 Racemode

Races will be held in the iRacing Heat-Mode. For further information on how the Heat format is used, please read through Appendix A

§3.3.3 Timetable (All times in GMT+0 / UTC)

19:00 GMT – 21:00 GMT Free practice 1

19:00 GMT – 21:00 GMT Free practice 2


16:00 GMT – 18:00 GMT Free practice 3 (seperate server)

18:00 GMT – 18:45 GMT Free practice 4 (45 minutes)
18:45 GMT – 18:55 GMT Drivers Briefing (mandatory to all drivers!)

19:00 GMT – 19:10 GMT Qualification 1 (10 minutes / 5 laps)
19:10 GMT – 19:15 GMT Break
19:15 GMT – 19:25 GMT Qualification 2 (10 minutes / 5 laps)
~ 19:30 GMT Start of Heat procedure ( each ~10 minutes)
~ 20:00 GMT to 20:15 GMT Feature race (~15 minutes)

§3.3.4 Server settings

All servers will be using dynamic weather with 30 % track state at the beginning of free practice. Clean marbles: off; carry over track state: on

In-sim day and time of day (ToD) will always be specified in the briefing document.

§3.3.5 Qualification

The qualification will be split into two sessions. The top 8 drivers of FP4 will automatically advance to Q2 session. All other participants need to go through Q1 where the top 4 qualifiers will advance to the Q2 session.
The procedure will be as follows:
Starting with Q1 everybody will join the session except the top 8 drivers of FP4. After 10 minutes Q1 is “checkered” via ingame racecontrol. You may end the lap you’re on and then directly head into the pits.
15 minutes into the overall qualification racecontrol will announce the start of Q2 where the top 8 of FP4 plus the top 4 of Q1 will proceed. They all go to the end of the session.

§3.4 Inclimit

The respective inclimit is set in the briefing document.

This series uses the iRacing standardised Inc-System.

§3.5 Race-Start

Race start will be flying.

§3.6 Grid size

The grid size will be limited to 55 spots.

§3.6.1 Minimum amount of participants

A minimum of 30 entries is set. If this number is not achieved one week prior to the first event, we will not be going into the season.

§3.7 Point System

Despite the event points, the overall event outcome will be taken into consideration for championship points only. Points will be awarded as follows:

Tab. 1 – Points scored for feature race

Also the Top 3 of each Heat will receive Bonus Points as follows:

Tab. 2 – Points scored for Heat races

§3.8 Drop result

We will maintain two drop results. A drop result can be either because of the inability to take part at the event or the worst result through the season.

§3.9 Price money

Each round will have the following pricings:

Tab. 3 – Pricemoney awarded for each round

Appendix A (Heat Mode)

This series uses the standard iRacing Heat mode. The Heat Series framework is shown below:

  • The server hosts a total amount of X drivers.
  • A heat should consist of a maximum of X/2 drivers, so we get two heats
  • Of these, the top 50% do directly qualify for the feature race.
  • The other 50% drivers from their respective heat then get a chance to qualify for the feature race via a consolation.
  • The consolation passes through the amount of drivers until we reach Y drivers in the feature race.
  • Y is to be defined by the organization staff prior to the race.

This also means:

  • There won’t be a consolation if less then Y drivers join the grid (Because all drivers join the feature race in that case)
  • There will only be ONE heat with all drivers, if the server hosts less than X/2 participants

Let’s put this into an example:

Let’s say there are 42 people racing, and the server is set to 36 drivers for the feature race. This will result as follows:

There will be Heats of each 21 People racing against each other.
The top 10 of each heat will advance directly to the feature race.
The other 11 drivers of each heat will race in the consolation (22 drivers)
The top 16 of that consolation will advance to the feature race to fill up the grid to 36 drivers.
The last 6 drivers will be eliminated and won’t take part in the feature race.