General Sporting Regulations

§1 General Terms

Top priority for all parties involved, primarily organization, racecontrol and drivers, should be the idea of sporting fairness. The following rules are binding for the organization as well as for the drivers/teams and aim to provide a reasonable and transparent framework for a sporty fair competition on the racetrack.

If it proves necessary, racecontrol can make deviating decisions in favor or expense of participants, if provided that all participants receive the corresponding information. These decisions named by Race Control or Sporting Directors / Judges are binding for all participants.

§1.1 Simulation & Organization

If not spoken otherwise, the organization is taken over by SimRacing eSport Union. In order to participate in a race, you have to use iRacing in the latest version and if necessary create a team.

As a means of communication Discord is used. Access to each leagues channels will be granted after confirmation of your entry.

§ 1.2 Conditions of participation

§ 1.2.1 Connection to Server

Each participant must have adequate hardware that is capable of ensuring a fluid image representation in conjunction with corresponding settings of the simulation, even with a full field of starters. The use of a headset or microphone is not required, but is recommended for the purpose of communicating via Discord.

§ 1.2.2 Entry / Teams

Nomination for a series or event is binding and can be canceled up to a specific date in the respective invitation to tender. The minimal safety and iratings are also executed within that invitation.

§ Limitation of Entries (only for teamracing)

In order to give all teams the same chances to get on the grid, only two entries per team will be admitted across all classes until nomination deadline. All other entries of the team will be placed on the waiting list until further notice.

§1.2.3 Waiting list

Excessive entries lead to a waiting list. If not all places on the grid are assigned after the closing date, all teams on the waiting list will be contacted in descending order, according to: first come, first serve. Nominations of a team, that has already received spots in the event or series, are placed at the end of the waiting list.

§1.2.4 Entry-fee

In some series or events, an entry fee is payable for successful designation to cover running costs. Further information is to be found in the tender.

§1.3 Registration

In order to make a correct entry, the form found on the discord server must be completely filled in. Closing date for nominations is two weeks prior to the (first) event.  First, the status of the entry is set to „reviewing“ and, if accepted, set to „confirmed“ or, if not accepted is set to “declined”, from which the organization team will inform you personally.

§1.4 General behaviour

A friendly, courteous and polite manners are always required. This includes not only the drivers but also volunteers and officials and, in addition to the communication, the behavior on and off the track. Obscene verbal expressions of any form and quality will not be tolerated and will result in immediate exclusion of the event. Driver’s actions, whose apparent goal is to intentionally inflict damage on a competitor are never tolerated and lead to immediate exclusion.

§1.5 Skins

The skins will be distributed via discord, as we use separate decals for our events to represent our sponsors and to ensure a high quality stream. Skins are made available in good time before the event.

In order to enable the distribution of skins before free practice, your own skins must be uploaded to the appropriate Discord Channel no later than Saturday 00:00 GMT one week prior to the event.

We will review all skins for general terms of conditions and approve them accordingly. The status of each teams skin is available through the google sheet.

§1.5.1 Skin Terms of Conditions

The Cardesign (skin) should be based on a usual motorsport design of racing cars. Offensive cardesigns are generally not tolerated. By uploading the car file, the team assures the broadcaster that he holds the rights to all logos used or that he has permission to use them. The submitter of a design refrains from submitting any rights to the design in favor of the organizer.

§2 Organization

§ 2.1 Car Classes

There are a lot of offered vehicle classes in iRacing. The vehicle selection of the respective event can be found in the invitation to tender.

§2.2 Team Racing

If team racing is enabled, the following rules apply:

§2.2.1 Class division

All classes are divided equally. Should one class not receive enough entries while another class has vehicles on the waiting list, the missing vehicles will be credited to the other classes. For example: class A receives only 10 instead of 15 nominations. B & C-class have 5 (B), respectivly 3 (C) teams on the waiting list. So the five remaining places of the A-class are apportioned proportionally on Class B (3 spots) and Class C (2 spot).

The only exception to this rule is the LMP1 class, as this class is “invite only“.

§2.2.2 Minimum nominations per class

To prevent a class of being undercrowded, a minimum number of vehicles per class is defined. This amounts to 10 vehicles (except LMP1 needs a minimum of 3 cars). If this number is not reached, the slots of the corresponding class will be distributed proportionally to all other classes.

In order to meet the fairness idea of the rules, the teams that wanted to start in the canceled class are asked first for a slot in one of the other classes. Only then will the waiting list be served.

§2.3 Prices

Generally there is the option of allowing purse or other giveaways. Still purses can only be given away as iracing credits. More information on purse is to be found in the invitation of tender to the appropriate event.

§2.4 X-Challenge

To reward clean driving, an X-Challenge can be deployed as part of each event. Victorious is the team or driver with the lowest number of iRacing Inc-points across all classes.

§2.4.1 Inc-Limit

Generally, an Inc-limit is set. This will be adapted to each event and can be found in the corresponding drivers briefing. The leagues standard Inc-limit will be set according to a CPI (corners per incident) of 80 for endurance races and set to 20 for sprint races.
After exceeding the set inc-limit, iRacing will automatically give you a penalty.

§2.5 Separation of powers

In order to ensure that a series or event runs smoothly, tasks in the sense of the league are distributed differently. Generally, these tasks fall into the following categories:

  • Organization
  • Racecontrol
  • Sporting Directors / Judges

§2.5.1 Racecontrol

In general, all SimRacing eSport Union events are monitored either by an afterrace or by a live race control.

A Live-RC should always be preferred. Whether this is actually used depends on the organization and its feasibility within the series.

§ Live Racecontrol (LRC)

In any case, if a LRC is used, it is sufficient if the incident is assessed by one RC member only. RC will then directly speak out the penalty according to our Penalty Catalogue.

§ Afterrace Racecontrol (ARC)

If a series or event uses an ARC, there is a 24 hour protest period after the end of the (last) race. All protests received later than that are rejected.

An incident in an ARC must be assessed by at least two marshalls. If there is no equal opinion in the penalty decision, a third RC member is enclosed to decide finally.

§2.5.2 Appeal against RC Decision

Racecontrol is fundamentally required to penalize infringements in the sense of the league’s sporting regulations. RC’s decision must be obeyed in principle. However, inconsistencies can still arise. In this case, a one time protest against a decision by RC can also be submitted within 24 hours after the penalty was announced. RC is then going to reevaluate the decision. If the decision is changed, you will regain your one time free RC appeal. If the decision by RC is not going to be changed, you are loosing your series/season specific one time appeal. However the outcome is, the final judgement of RC can no longer be challenged.

§2.5.3 File a Protest

During a race, there may be situations in which one team or driver is disadvantaged. In order to officially check these situations for sporting regulations, a protest must be filed.
If you are to protest, generally all protests must be submitted using the protest form. Other types and forms of protests are ignored.

Hint: If a LRC is used, you might find the respective incident already under investigation, so there is no need to file a protest. Please, double-check the specific race control sheet to find out.

§2.6 Briefing

During the briefing, all drivers must join in the appropriate discord channel. The race directors address the most important things of the event and walk through the Briefing document shortly.

The Briefing is a must for all participating in the event. If team racing is enabled, each team must appear with at least one team member. If a team or driver is not present in the briefing room, a penalty will be imposed.

§2.7 Legal information

By submitting the entry, the participant agrees to refrain from any claims against the SimRacing eSport Union and its sponsors. Any legal action is not allowed.